Have you ever known someone for a long time, then one day, you didn’t recognize them because they had changed their looks so drastically? It happens and it can happen to your business, too.

A few years ago, I was looking for a real estate office. I had found their company online and viewed their nice blue and white website. When I was driving down the road in search of their physical location, I went right past their red and yellow sign many times. Upon finally finding their office, the agent handed me a green and black business card.

Throughout their advertising nothing matched. This is the exact opposite of branding. To really make your company recognizable everywhere you go takes consistency in look, feel and message.

We help companies find just the right font and then we use that font in their logo, on their website, in business cards we create and throughout social media. It is also critical to find just the right colors that fit your companies mission and purpose. When done correctly, your business sends a clear message with only a few words and your business is recognizable to everyone, everywhere. If you need help getting your business brand established and consistent, we can help!