Behind the Computer Operations

For the past seventeen years, BCO has offered clients big city know-how with small town service. Our customers stick with us for life because they know we strive to help them succeed. Offering expertise in all areas of technology and marketing from web design and printed advertisements to computer sales and service.

Saying we are experts is not just talk, we have the degrees and certificates to back it up. The company’s owner, Elizabeth Dyer, has a Bachelor of Information Technology from one of our country’s leading schools of information technology – American Intercontinental University. Mrs. Dyer is also one of the only know students to graduate from Young Harris College with three associate degrees. She has received special honors with every diploma she has received, always putting forth the extra effort, just as she puts for the extra effort for BCO’s clients.

Of course, technology is always changing, so we are always training. We strive to spend 30 minutes every day learning something new and each year we are adding considerable new skill sets to what we can offer. We take courses from Microsoft, Adobe, Intel and many others.

Associate Degrees | Elizabeth DyerStaying current with technology is critical. We operate our network with the latest in hardware and software. Our network has been upgraded to Windows 10. We also keep up-to-date on all other Microsoft software including Office, Visio, Project and more. Our graphic artists use the newest version in Adobe software: CS6 and Creative Cloud. Our clients know they are getting the best of what today’s technology has to offer.

Our company strives for perfection and the end result makes the extra effort worthwhile. Every project is treated with the utmost importance. We dedicate time to a project until the client is thrilled with the results. If you are looking for help with technology and marketing from a company that cares; then look no further, call us today!